Defense is just as important as offense though most players don’t practice defensive tactics. I find that when a man gets to a stalemate situation players with defensive skills are extremely valuable. These are some defensive tactics I’ve observed and I’ve developed.


(Note, the tactic shown in the screenshot was eliminated by BI in late 2020. Static defenses can no longer be placed inside buildings. The change was made because players were abusing this ability to create inaccessable statics. Which essentially ruined the game for the other team).

Indestructible Building/Light

There are buildings on the map that cannot be destroyed by tanks or bombs. I like placing my AI in the large room commanded to face specific directions, stay crouched, and in Combat mode.

Indestructible Building/Medium

Start with the above strategy and add on personnel mines (and AT mines if you have the CP and time). I typically place an AP mine inside every door, at each room transition, on the steps outside each, three around each exterior stairs, and then in any human paths to the building. I make this easy by using an Arsenal load out with a backpack full of mines and a couple med kits (in case I set off my item mine). Executing this takes time, so planning ahead is needed. Start with AI, then exterior mines. Then work your way inside. If you plan to trap yourself in the sector to defend, go for it. Realize if you fast travel out the AI will travel with you. Consider Respawning if you want the AI to stay in place.

Elevated Sector Defense

Some sectors are on a hill (Lakka Factory, Nadios Base). These are excellent for AT and GMG defense of the surrounding sectors. Realize that if you are effective the enemy will expend significant CP and effort to eliminate your defenses and take the sector. If the enemy has jets in the air it will be an expensive defense as you will be bombed regularly. This is best executed with 2 or more players. Use AI to defend against air and on the flank so that humans can shoot GMG and AT at long distance that AI will not engage. Buildings will not provide cover when defending this way since they can be bombed. Being near sand walks are the best bet. You can use low height statics to be slightly harder to hit by the enemy.

Hiding In Buildings

When the enemy is incoming, get in the second story of a sizable building to be difficult to displace. I have an Arsenal load out with a light machine gun, AT launcher, lots of health kits, armor, and AP mines. I like to apply the same load out (minus the mines) to a CLS AI and take them with me to help spot enemy and heal me. Once you choose the building get there AI to the second floor, place defensive AP mines around the building and on the first floor, and get to the second floor. Watch out for incoming grenades, incoming shots through the window, and assault intended to destroy the building. If you have a full AI squad available place an AA AI on a nearby hill to take down what’s trying to take down you. You can also put an AT AI with you on the second floor as essentially an AT ammo carrier. I set my in-building AI to “hold fire” and go prone so they don’t get killed so easily.

Vorona Load Out

When the enemy is pushing hard with vehicles in to your sectors a great way to push them back is with a Vorona loud out. 

  • Go to arsenal and get a Vorona launcher, Bergen backpack, and as many rockets as the backpack will hold
  • Get the Vorona out and ready to fire
  • Fast travel to the controlled sector
  • While spawning in, listen for tank engine sounds to know which direction to engage
  • If it’s close, turn and fire as soon as possible
  • If it’s far, take cover in a building and let it come to you

Vorona’s and Titan Compact launchers work on stationary helicopters as well, don’t forget to take advantage of this option.

Using this tactic you can eliminate an amazing amount of enemy CP from the game. Just be willing to die, get your last loadout, and get back in there.

In my personal Vorona load out I carry a .338 machine gun with no extra ammo. This is great for defending yourself from players while you wait for the tanks to come for you.