ARMA 3 Warlords Game Guide


  • The Basics of Arma 3 Warlords
  • Tanks & Vehicles
  • Team Tactics
  • Load Outs
  • Special Operations Strategies
  • Public Server Dynamics

Warlords BLUFOR

  • Map Strategies
  • Thermal Gear
  • Special Ops Against Red

Warlords OPFOR

  • Map Strategies
  • Rhino Artillery
  • Special Ops Against Blue


  • Warlords Glossary

Announcement: New Defensive Strategies Article

Game guides are always slanted toward the preferences of the players who write them. This one is no different. 

  • I enjoy playing on public servers with experienced players
  • I prefer special operations, tank commander, and light helicopter work
  • Stalemate games are really annoying 
  • Hours: Jan-2020: 750. Jan-2021 3000
  • You can generally find me playing during evenings Pacific Time (~-8hours)
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Special Operations

Learn some advanced strategies to help your team overcome a stronger opponent, overcome stagnation, and gain momentum. If you check out he map and see players off in odd places on the map it’s a good bet they’re on a specop.


Infantry Operations

Working with your feet to enter and clear sectors is a specialty on its own. Learn how to get better gear, manage Arsenal load outs, manage your AI squad, and help your team win.

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Sector Defense

The least developed skillset on ARMA 3 Warlords is defending sectors against over powered attackers. Defense is just as important as offense once the game reaches stagnation. Learn gear, tactics, and strategies you can use to defend against attackers and turn momentum around.

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Command Operations

These are strategies and tactics that apply in special situations or based on specific operational goals. These are generally advanced and generally require multiple players to orchestrate successfully. When used, they can change the course of a public Warlords session.


Driving / Vehicles / Tanks

A small number of good driver’s can swing the balance of a game of Warlords by effectively using CP, taking out a large number of enemies, and helping teammates. A positive, helpful, effective, driver that communicates with teammates also makes the game more fun for the whole team!

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Map Strategies

Teams that move through the map from Red Base or Blue Base on some specific paths gain an advantage when the opponent doesn’t move efficiently. Learn about the strategies that generally result in CP and map position advantages. We’ll also talk about Telos and working with other players on your team to influence map route.

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