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Special Operations

  • Denying Air Power: You can cost the opponent huge amounts of CP and time by covering their airfield with an AA launcher. The opposing team will hunt you down it is so bad. During the day, wear a ghillie and at night, a thermal suit. Take AA guys with you or call in launchers after you move away from the airstrip so that you don’t give away your position. AI aren’t very good at shooting because they always send two rockets and run out of ammo fast. Instead, put AA guys on cease fire and leave them behind the firing line so that they can spot and you can take their rockets. When a plane is on the ground AT is required to shoot it. If you wait until takeoff you will generally take out players as well as the vehicle. Boats and helicopters are great ways to get to the opponent airfield but be cautious if the opponent has air power as they will likely spot you coming. Take the long way, fly low, etc. And, consider using Arsenal to put your AI in ghillie or thermal suits so that when the enemy is working to remove you they last longer. Pro Tip: I go with an AI team comprised of two AA, one AT, one sharpshooter and I hang out near launcher boxes switching between AA, AT, and a sniper rifle. Position the AT and sharpshooter with overwatch and Hold Fire until you need them. AA should be spread out with one in Hold Fire until the other is out of ammo when they switch. Stealth is key! Defending the team is key. Your life is critical! If a counterattack occurs you should run away to hide rather than get killed.
  • Spawn Camping: This is the act of placing a vehicle, static launcher, AI, sniper, or yourself at a location where the enemy is known to arrive when they fast travel to a sector. By doing so you can take them out almost immediately when they arrive. The spawn location is always the same based on origin and destination. My favorite implementation is to use a Hunter/Ifrit GMG parked in the area with line of sight with a single AI in the Gunner seat. Eventually the opponent generally gets the vehicle. Some players will complain about the tactic. There are some great places to do this for yourself using sniper gear as well. When your name is on the kill you build a reputation quickly.
  • Base Camping: Like Spawn Camping but at the opponents base. You just need line of sight to the point they spawn after a death. A sniper in appropriate gear for hiding based on the time of day is critical. The benefit is that you can cost the enemy their ability to rearm for 50 CP by killing them with the default load out. They will hunt you down addressing if you are successful. If attacking BLUEFOR I like the hill to the Southwest. If attacking OPFOR options are very limited due to trees and geography, I like a hill to the southeast.
  • Fast Travel Prevention: To really, really annoy the enemy place UAVs over a town being attacked (or their base) so that fast traveling is disabled as a result of the proximity of an enemy unit. Be aware that opponents may “rage” quit when this tactic is deployed in a consistent way… reducing the fun in the game. It’s best to do this temporarily to slow the enemy when they’re moving up to their next target. Position the drone just outside the sector so they cannot see it with a sector scan.
  • Drones: To get a view of what is happening around the battlefield you can deploy drones. They provide a visual over-watch, laser targeting, and add moving infantry and vehicles to your map. They also prevent fast travel for nearby enemy. See the FAQ page for more tips on using drones.
  • Behind Enemy Lines: There are several strategic locations behind enemy lines where you can observe the enemy and take out armor. Each location is effective in certain situations, and you need to be able to get to it… so depending on the progress of the game, air power situation any given location may work or not. They way you get to these locations will change as well. I do a lot more walking when the enemy has air superiority. Some favorite spots for slowing down OPFOR are: The hill south of Geogrios Base (assuming OPFOR is moving slowly), the hill north of Airfield Compound, the hill northeast of Anthrakia (OPFOR uses this hill when they assault Anthrakia so be cautious), the hill west of Chalkeia, and the mountain between Chalkeia and Panagia. Some of my favorite spots for slowing down BLUFOR are: the hill directly west of Lakka Factory, the hill between Panachori and Lakka, The hill west of Poliakko, the hill northeast of Kore. Pro Tip: Starting alive is critical when working behind the enemy line. When you get killed you lose the time and resources spent to get you there. It is far better to make a kill and move immediately or run away when the enemy starts a counterattack than to be killed! Live to kill another tank at another time.