There are several types of static weapons that can be placed easily inside sectors. This article covers how to place them OUTSIDE of sectors.


Note: As of October-2021 these backpacks from Arsenal are no longer available, so this tutorial no longer works

Process Overview

  1. Go to Arsenal and get a raised tripod backpack AND a terminal (Match your team NATO/CSAT for both items)
  2. Store the backpack in a vehicle
  3. Go to Arsenal and get the disassembled static backpack of choice: Anti Tank, Anti Air, 50mm HMG, or GMG, even autonomous (Match your team NATO/CSAT)
  4. Go to where you want to place the static and place one backpack on the ground
  5. Get the other backpack and while facing the direction you want the static to point, use the scroll wheel and select “Assemble…” from the command window

Pro-level tips

When placing an automatic or autonomous GMG or HMG you can then set it and forget it (it will fire on it’s own) or you can control it with the Terminal added to inventory earlier from anywhere on the map.

Note that the detection and effective fire range for an autonomous static is relatively limited but in the Terminal you can effectively fire on stationary targets for at a distance of 1 to 2 kilometers.

Note, also that you can get tripod and standard GMG/HMG backpacks off of GREENFOR AI, so there’s no need to go in to arsenal early in the game.

I like to bring in a Rifleman early in the game so I can command him to go to specific weapons and carry gear, like one of these backpacks.

Creative Uses of Static Weapons

  • Place automatic statics over watching enemy airfields
  • Use manual statics from tactically good positions while working to capture sectors from AI
  • Place autonomous statics pointing at enemy spawn points