Social operations often require deployment away from captured sectors for a long period of time. This makes resupply difficult since Arsenal is only available in captured sectors and as the game progresses travel to Warlords SpecOps locations gets more difficult. If you could have an ARMA 3 supply box with a custom load out with you special operations would be much more effective. Enter helicopter sling loading.

Sling loading is the practice of transporting vehicles and equipment via helicopter using a cargo line under the helicopter.

How To Sling Load In ArmA 3 Warlords

To use this tactic effectively in ArmA III Warlords we do the following:

  1. Call in a supply box
  2. Load up the gear you want with the Arsenal Hack
  3. Order a helicopter and pickup the box
  4. Travel to your destination and put the box down
  5. Land and start causing chaos

I use supply boxes over vehicles because the do not despawn, unless I want a vehicle behind enemy lines.

Gearing Up

To get the inventory you want in to the box, follow this process:

  1. Open the Supply Box Inventory
  2. With the Inventory menu open, open Arsenal
  3. Transfer the heavy items you don’t want to the ground
  4. Put on a Bergen backpack and transfer the small items from the box to the backpack
  5. When the backpack is full, put it on the ground and repeat these two steps until the box only has things you want (which may be nothing)
  6. Now, still in Arsenal, start adding the things you want to your body and transfer them to the box
  7. Load up the load out that you want to use

Pro Tips:

  • Get the Supply Box ready in a sector other than the Airfield because sometimes they land on the runway and you don’t want to tie up the airfield.
  • Order the Supply Box in the sector closest to where you want to go so that you can fly fast and easy for as much of the trip as you can (traveling with a heavy load significantly impacts vehicle performance
  • If you’re a pilot with a helicopter you can offer to deliver resupply boxes to players. This is useful for SpecOps players and to simply resupply players taking sectors so they don’t have to go in to Arsenal to reload. Ask then what they want in the kit and move the box up from sector to sector