This FAQ is based on the questions I get asked while playing ARMA 3 Warlords on US public servers 01E and 01W. These servers use vanilla Warlords multiplayer on Altis. If you’re playing on different servers or different game modes some of these responses may be partially correct or downright wrong. At the time this FAQ was first started I was over 1000 hours into Warlords on these servers… so though I’m no expert or developer, there is plenty of experience behind them.

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How does the HEMTT Medical truck work?

The medical truck heals a player or ai to 100% health. To make this happen, approach the truck and when the heal action is offered, execute it.

When using a First Aid kit to heal yourself or another player health is restored to only 75%. With a medic or HEMTT Medical truck you can heal to 100%.

The HEMTT Medical costs 750 CP.

The best use of the HEMTT Medical is to bring it in, put an AI in the driver seat, and position it one sector behind the front line. Mark it on the map and be sure to announce when it is moving and where it is going to players can use it effectively.

How Do I Use A Drone To Prevent Fast Travel?

When you cannot fast travel it means there is an enemy nearby. A drone, like the Darter or Pelecan, is considered an enemy.

Enemy Base: To really annoy the other team get a drone (in Arsenal, put on the backpack) and fly it to the enemy base. Land it in a hard to find or difficult to get to spot. As long as the drone is active fast travel will be prevented.

Sectors: To prevent fast travel from a sector get the drone and fly it to a hard to find spot immediately outside a sector (so that it cannot be seen on a sector scan). I like landing on building roofs immediately outside the sector boundary. For as long as the drone lives fast travel will be prevented in the area.

Which UAV / Drone Should I Use?

The AR-2 Darter is the drone you want. It includes a laser designator on the turret, night vision, and flir / heat vision. 

Be sure to get the right UAV. The model of AR-2 needs to match the UAV terminal that your team is using. Get a bunch Darter Backpacks with the Arsenal Hack.

When positioning them: start with assembly, connect the terminal to the UAV, take the controls, turn on auto hover, and raise it to to your desired altitude before releasing controls.

To send a UAV on auto-pilot to a new location open the terminal, connect to the UAV, hold Left Shift and click on the map where you want it to go.


How To Defend Lakka Factory

One of the tallest hills on the map, Lakka Factory is a fantastic sector to defend. Fun, adventure, and death await. Here’s how I defend the sector:

  • Loadout: Vorona + a few bounding mines + SPAR 16 with 2 150 drums and RCO + Special purpose helmet + ghillie
  • Static AT & AA: The best way to keep tanks and air assets back is with static AT and AA defenses. Find spots where you’re not fully exposed, put them down and jump between them as needed
  • Defendable Building: Factory has an indestructible building. Place a turret in the back room and add AP mines all over to make it hard to remove. This can buy the team 20 minutes or more of defense time.
  • HMG Turrets: The HMG turret is very underutilized. It’s great for shooting infantry and light vehicles coming in from the North, East, or Northwest. Place facing enemy spawn to the NE for a powerful spawn camp. Use a Drone Terminal to manually fire.

When you die, get right back in there and make it hard to take. Your goal is to give the team time to push back or take another sector.

How Do I Put Special Gear On My AI?

Have you seen Gene Porter, Tedskii, Jeff or someone else running around with AI that look like then have been in Arsenal? Here’s how you do it:

(As of March 2020 the Arsenal technique named here doesn’t work, instead use arsenal loadout, force yourself to respawn for each AI, repeat. It costs more and takes more time… but still works)

  1. Go to an out of the way sector
  2. Call in the AI you want to outfit
  3. Open your inventory with a quick “i” press
  4. Open Arsenal by long holding “i” going to Gear > Arsenal (Don’t close your inventory box!)
  5. Now, put the gear you want your guys to wear on to the ground in your inventory box
  6. Now, get the loadout you want
  7. When you’re done in Arsenal, close it. And, close your inventory
  8. Open the action menu for one of your AI, go to Action, and select Inventory
  9. The AI will come to the pile of gear on the ground and you will get their inventory screen
  10. Move the gear you want on the AI from the ground to the AI
  11. Exit their inventory and do the same with your remaining AI

Pro Tip: Keep your AI alive once you do this… they’re now valuable

Pro Tip: You don’t need to keep going to arsenal to re-outfit them. Call in a supply box and put several sets of everything you want in the box using the same Arsenal hack. Now, bring new AI here to outfit them. The box will stick around for 2-3 hours.