Placing Gas

  • In Eden editor, place a Logic item and in it’s properties set the variable name to include “Her_L_Gas” (no quotes). Creates a 40m x 40m gas area.
  • To make a bigger gas area than that, place more Logic items on the map

Surviving Gas

  • Gas doesn’t kill you
  • Gas makes itimpossible to see
  • Put on a gas mask G_her_GasMaskA to be unaffected by the gas
  • It looks like the code will give a first time gas impact even if the mask is on, goes away quickly

Buy/Sell Interface

  • In Eden: Place an object
  • Go to Init code
  • this addAction [“Buy-Sell List 2 Items”, {[2,2] call her_fnc_DialogOpenSellBuy}]; this setVariable [“Her_Dealer”,[2,2],true];
  • In the array you’re specifying the files to use in the HerosWorld folder. Those files have an item list and prices. In this case, we’re using Buy file 2 and Sell file 2

No-Loot Zones

  • In Eden: Place a Logic item and set the variable name to include “Her_L_NoLoot” (no quotes)
  • 80 meters

Card Readers / Door Access

  • In Eden: Place a Game Logic: Close Doors in the building and place this code in Init: ((nearestobjects [this, [“house_f”], 10]) select 0) setVariable [‘bis_disabled_Door_1’,1,true];((nearestobjects [this, [“house_f”], 5]) select 0) setVariable [‘bis_disabled_Door_4’,1,true]
  • Place a card reader and add Init code: this setVariable [“Her_Card”,[71052,”herl_o_card_green”,1],true]; this setVariable [“Her_Status”,false,true];